16 April 2011

SP2HM 3: Penistone to Ferriby

Downhill all the way from here of course... and a lot of miles along often very pleasant railtrails, with plenty of sunny weekend leisure riders when I did it.

Well, except when you take a picture of course, when the flow of picturesque riders suddenly dries up.

Past Doncaster everything is flat. There's some pleasant riverside cycling here...

...but after this everything gets a bit, well, erm, dull. You find yourself fascinated by things such as manually-operated level crossings, of which there are two in this stretch. The operators are sociable blokes, ready for a joke and a chat about Doncaster Rovers. Who lost 3-1 to Hull City today, tee hee!

The only interesting thing between Doncaster and Ferriby is this cafe in Braithwaite. It started in 2010 in the sprawling grounds of a bungalow and offers camping (£3.50), cake, tea, and a cycle park. R and I often lament the lack of German-style cycletrailside cafes advertising themselves on the trail; well, Threeways Cafe is following the German model, possibly unconsciously.

Between Selby and Ferriby it's so dull that the bored cyclist who has, say, cycled that stretch in the past several times, might be tempted to do it by train. But you wouldn't catch me doing that. Well, not unless you'd been at Selby station at four o'clock.

Miles today: 55ish
Miles so far: 175ish

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