26 February 2014

F2B1: (Bridlington to) Flamborough to Whitby

This is the latest Rhyming Coast to Coast: Flamborough to Bamburgh, F2B.

Pedants among you will protest that it isn't a proper Coast to Coast as it doesn't cross the country, and merely follows a shoreline. But they rhyme and it looks fun, and I'd rather be happy than right any day. I'll tell you when it's the day.

Anyway, it was lovely and sunny as I set off from Bridlington this morning for the short spin out to Flamborough Head. Brid can just look shabby and downtrodden at times, but today it looked bright, friendly, shabby and downtrodden.

Flamborough Head is famous for its two chalk-and-cheese lighthouses: one made of chalk in 1669, and this one made of, er, bricks in 1806.

This bit here was the site of a sea battle in 1779 between Britain and America, who beat us 2-1 after extra time.

At Scarborough station I had a sandwich break on the longest bench in Britain. It's on Platform 1 and is 139m long. I had it to myself, which was just as well, as I don't like sharing a bench with other people.

From Scarborough to Whitby I went by National Cycle Route 1: the 21-mile Cinder Trail, which follows an old railway line. I've been critical of it in the past: a potentially fabulous rail trail with some superb coastal views was spoiled by an awful surface, very rough in places, and deteriorating every year. Well, I'm glad to say that at last some action has been taken...

...They've put up signs saying 'Caution. Surface very rough in places.'

I'm in Whitby Youth Hostel tonight, which is stunningly situated next to the Abbey, high on the promontory overlooking the town and harbour. That means it's 199 steps down to Wetherspoons and 199 steps back up.

Miles today: 51
Total miles so far: 51
Total miles since Flamborough: 41

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